Testimonials from our clients

Brilliant course well-spoken and clearly used in the ‘real world’ as it works in the real world!

Colton Friel - Kia Opel

Everything I learnt from you is paying off. I now work for mini and I’m smashing it! Thank you for your help, I did listen! Darren really understood me I felt, such a good guy.

Harry Lansdale - Mini

Really good online training, picked up on some pointers to help along with my 35-year experience. Thanks again.

Jake Ruckley - Nissan

I enjoyed it and found it very informative.

Simon Willoughby - Multi

I really enjoyed the course. Skippy is a wonderful teacher and really made the learning experience enjoyable. He really makes you engage and I have learned so much from the course that I will take with me into the future.

Melissa McClelland - Volkswagen

The programme is excellent and very useful, I enjoyed every video I watched.

Maia Stanila - Volkswagen

I did enjoy the course, clips were quick and to the point. A lot to take from each video.

Conor McManagan - Honda

Really enjoyed the training, great model and works with the time constraints and attention span of a typical salesman! Definitely took a lot away from it.

Dan O Neill - Jaguar Land Rover

The course was very good and easy to work through with the different videos. Objection handling guidance was exceptional, really liked the guidelines for dealing with customers on that.

Ian Dockrell - Volvo

The course is excellent. Videos are full of good information well presented and the duration balance is very good.

Damien Mongey - Kia