Testimonials from our clients

Selling never stays the same and with Covid we have had to adapt to digital enquiries a lot quicker. This will be the future of car sales.

Tony McCahill - Mazda

The training was helpful and has made myself a lot more knowledgeable.

Hayden Enziano - Toyota

Thank you for the course I have found it very helpful and have managed to apply some of the techniques to my work.

Matt Noakes - Ford

I found the course very enjoyable. Not only that but I gained a lot of knowledge from it also, that I can use on a daily basis in my day-to-day job. Thank you very much for providing all the knowledge and insights. I look forward to the next course!

Colm Harmon - Toyota

Just wanted to thank you for your time over last 3 days. Found the course brilliant and your teaching methods very helpful. Didn’t want to miss a day.

Omar Aziz - Mazda

Thanks so much for the training it’s been very good and quite enjoyable. I have been using bits and pieces from it since my first session and I do think it will be a huge help to me going forward.

Stephen Kennedy - Toyota

I have really enjoyed the course and its content, after being in the motor trade for near 10 years it has been a great refresher. I have also taken away many different techniques that I believe will contribute to me becoming a better salesperson and I have gained different perspectives on certain areas which will also contribute to the way I do things.

Both Andrew and Simon made the course engaging and enjoyable unlike any other training course I’ve been on so hats off to both of them.

Brendon Edwards - Suzuki

The course was great and really helpful thank you for everything.

Keith Lordan - Nissan

I really enjoyed the course, the flexibility of the videos and even the videos themselves were excellent. Always relevant to sales and always helpful in real-life scenario.

Seán McEvoy - VW

I really enjoyed the course and found it very informative.

Thomas Chapman - VW Service