Testimonials from our clients

I think the programme has been brilliant for me throughout my training period and beyond.

Alex Forrester - July 2019 - Audi

Today’s Service Advisor Course:

Honestly the training course was fantastic! I’m using so many of the methods in my day-to-day tasks at work and I’ve found Simon’s sales approaches work incredibly well. I liked the videos being in bite-size chunks, a video every day, how confident and friendly Simon is on the videos etc.

Georgina Frow - July 2019 - SEAT

Today’s Service Advisor Course:

I felt the course was very helpful and relevant to the role I currently do, I would definitely recommend for anyone else to do it.

Jack Petch - July 2019 - SEAT

Great course, lots of great real life scenario’s and the tools to deal with them.

I have been to lots of sales training courses over the last 28 years in the motor trade, however Skippy is by far the most genuine and entertaining trainer.

Lee Paulton - July 2019 - Volkswagen

It’s been a really enjoyable programme. I found that the best way to keep on top of things was to listen to each video whilst driving into work every morning.

I’ve definitely picked up some great skills and techniques. I will be using these with my sales team to help improve their performance and that of their dealer sales personnel.

Alan Able - June 2019 - Isuzu

I have found the online training very helpful throughout my daily process. I do keep referring back to my Symco training manuals that I had from the 3 day training course. I would definitely recommend the Symco training to anybody entering the motor trade especially anybody without any previous experience in the field. It really is helpful.

Also when Darren pops by for his monthly one to ones, nothing is ever too much trouble and he spends the majority of his time with me. As he does with all the new starters to the trade.

Rob Drinnan - June 2019 - Toyota

I’m very happy to have gone through and completed the course, very insightful.

Lee Fairchild - June 2019 - Mini

I enjoyed this course and there are many helpful tips that I hope to use in the future.

Steve Champion - June 2019 - BMW

Customer First Contact Online Course:

You have a great programme; I really cannot think of anymore you could do to improve it!!!!

Gary Maloney - June 2019 - SEAT

Rating: 5-star

Excellent training course, the two days were really enjoyable with Simon, he really engages everyone in the conversation, and I learnt an awful lot on this course.

Really valuable knowledge on how to understand each type of customer, how to treat them and how to phrase conversations.

Overall 10 out of 10 for sure.

Patrick Doyle - June 2019 - Renault

The Course is great and I like that it is in “bite-size” chunks; a little every day with a summation quiz.

Chris Pardoe - June 2019 - Ford

This was by far the best course I have ever done on Sales.

It was presented by Simon in a very practical way with real life examples which reflected on day to day sales. I did need some encouragement from time to time when I got behind on the daily videos and this was done very professionally by Penny who I would like to thank.

Billy Smyth - June 2019 - Isuzu

Thank you again Penny, you and Skippy have been so helpful!

It’s only good feedback about the 90 day road to sale training course as it was fantastic and so helpful, I feel that you’ve given me great understanding of the sales process and have helped me prepare for the journey ahead.

Thank you to everyone at Symco Training.

Jodie Rooney - May 2019 - Volkswagen

I am delighted to have passed my training programs with all your help and working with Simon has been great.

Patrick O'Donnell - April 2019 - BMW

Customer First Contact Online Course:

I enjoyed it a lot thank you. It was very interesting to watch and I’ve picked up a lot of new things to try in the future.

Stacey Mudd - April 2019 - Hyundai

I enjoyed the programme and found a lot of the ideas and techniques very useful.

Kevin Monahan - April 2019 - Toyota

Course was really helpful to be honest… I’ve actually already used some of the techniques stated in the videos to good effect and my sales have improved since this programme.

I would recommend to anyone in the sales side of things.

Adam Clarke - March 2019 - Nissan

I enjoyed the programme and found it beneficial and not too overwhelming. It was well split up into smaller segments.

Sam Smith - March 2019 - BMW

I have found it useful, as it has a gentle reminder every day and it has been more realistic in terms of being face to face with customers than some other courses I have been on.

I have been able to apply certain things to my process or at least recognise similarities when I’m actually in the showroom, customer facing and in the videos.

Jasmina Basic - February 2019 - Toyota

I have completed the Road to Sale training with Simon and I have found it a very enjoyable and beneficial experience which can be used in all aspects of every day sales. Simon keeps you very engaged during the course and he is interested in getting feedback on positive or negative points. The 90 day follow up video’s are great at keeping the information fresh and well worth while revisiting areas that you feel would help improve your sales techniques.

Overall a great Sales Training Course and I would highly recommend it!

Owen Byrnes - February 2019 - Land Rover