Testimonials from our clients

I found the course very engaging and even though I’m not showroom based, I found the information very useful and have implement several techniques shown into my everyday work practice. Thank you!

Orla Deamer​​​​ - Online

It’s been a great course and it has definitely helped spreading the course over various days to fit in with our busy schedules. Thank you so much.

Natalie-Ann Morgan - JLR

Great program, well structured, delivered and progressive. Superb platform for learning and techniques.

Andy Wright - Multiple Group

After 23 years in the industry, this was by far the best training I have received from any training company, both privately and from the manufacturer.

Neil Lewis - Kia

Thank you! I really enjoyed the course and I’m looking forward to the in person training next week.

Jake Freeney - Used Car Centre

Thanks a million for all your help.

Rachel O Leary - Hyundai

Great course.

Ed Curtis - Motorbikes

I learnt a lot once again thank you for your help.

Katie Moran - Land Rover Service

Andrew Was amazing, just wished it could have been 3 days instead of 2, as there was not enough time to cover all bases in depth.

Thomas Bird - Nissan

Great programme.

Joshua Stubbs - Citroen