Testimonials from our clients

It was a great course, gave me some fantastic ideas and guided me very well in the Sales Process.

Mikey Bul - October 2019 - Volkswagen

The programme has helped me a lot, especially with objection handling which has never been a strong point of mine.

Joshua Ridge - October 2019 - Audi

I have enjoyed taking part in the course as I think it is nice to have a refresher and it does no harm to learn areas that sometimes we may forget.

Eric Wright - October 2019 - Honda

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of the people at Symco Training, especially Penny for the help and support you have shown throughout the whole course and also Simon for making the training days exciting and very informative.

As someone that has never done Sales before I have learnt a lot and it is down to Simon and Symco.

Joanne Martin - October 2019 - Fiat

You truly never stop learning and Symco actively encourage this.

Things are always in flux and it never hurts to revisit the basics to reset and go again. The Funny Money Session is a prime example and has helped me on many occasions to maximise profit.

Thanks for all your encouragement.

Steve Green - October 2019 - Honda

Customer First Contact Online Course:

I found the course very helpful and it was good having it daily as I found it more manageable to fit into my schedule.

The videos were very informative and Simon made everything very clear.

Fiona Powell - September 2019 - Honda

I thought it was useful and about the right kind of pace/level for an absolute beginner such as me.

Christopher Hewett - September 2019 - Nissan

Good course, Simon is always a good trainer on the day!

The videos are good.

Thomas Larkin - September 2019 - Peugeot

The course was very thorough with lots of information and tips to use.

Aideen Brennan - September 2019 - SEAT

I really enjoyed the training.

John Latimer - August 2019 - Audi

I did find the course very useful and sometimes hear myself using Skippy’s words.

Euan Mackay - August 2019 - Volkswagen

The Symco Training course is the best training event I have ever been too, it was informative, relevant, engaging and memorable.

It wasn’t like any traditional training in which you sit in a classroom and watch PowerPoint. The trainer goes over each point and makes it relevant to situations you have been in, along with some funny stories, it ensures everyone is kept motivated.

The 90 days of videos is personally my favourite part, each morning you get a little tip on how to sell more cars, or in a different more effective way! It enables you to understand the psychology of the sales process and improve the way you sell!

By far the best training I have been on and I recommend it to any in the motor trade, regardless of how long they have been selling for!

Kieron Walter - August 2019 - Mini

There was some great content in the course and all was very professional.

At times I struggled to find the time to keep up to date, but reminders and resending stuff got me through it.


Adrian Gannon - August 2019 - Skoda

Customer First Contact Online Course:

I found the course easy to understand, some of the content you wouldn’t have thought outside the box in some cases with the prospecting and how to phrase things.

I have used some of the techniques to help me on a daily basis so it’s easy to pick up.

Simon was easy to understand and makes the scenarios easy to follow and can see this happening in real life.

Michelle Martin - August 2019 - Triumph

I know that I have benefited from this course tremendously, making me feel more confident when selling and approaching customers.

Thanks for all your help.

Jake Harvey - July 2019 - Honda

Many thanks for the training, I have found it very helpful especially in the way it was a short daily activity for me which helps the information to stick.

Michael O'Callaghan - July 2019 - Toyota

For me the course offered some fantastic nuggets of information.

I have changed the way I look at starting a deal with a customer, open questions like what brings you here today replaces my how are you.

There is so much that I learned I would have to write the contents of the entire course down as the bits which meant the most.

Working as a motorcycle salesman obviously has it’s drawback when you’re learning about selling cars, so the 6 point walk around wasn’t really relevant, but I now change the way I present a video of a bike by using the same format.

I was sceptical at first about the course, but I was proven wrong, it is the perfect way to learn how to give your customers the best service and keep the boss happy at the same time.

Robert Thompson - July 2019 - Honda

I think the programme has been brilliant for me throughout my training period and beyond.

Alex Forrester - July 2019 - Audi

Today’s Service Advisor Course:

Honestly the training course was fantastic! I’m using so many of the methods in my day-to-day tasks at work and I’ve found Simon’s sales approaches work incredibly well. I liked the videos being in bite-size chunks, a video every day, how confident and friendly Simon is on the videos etc.

Georgina Frow - July 2019 - SEAT

Today’s Service Advisor Course:

I felt the course was very helpful and relevant to the role I currently do, I would definitely recommend for anyone else to do it.

Jack Petch - July 2019 - SEAT