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Car sales & blind dates - the common factors

Make your VHC call run smoothly?

Are you thinking of your customer? Set the agenda correctly first at morning drop off! • Make sure you’ve told the customer you’re going to do a complimentary vehicle health check on their car. • Make sure you’ve told them about the different colours on the VHC report, and what they mean. Because if you […]

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Have they driven the car?

Sales managers often have to deal with the problem of salespeople telling them that their customer “doesn’t want to drive the car, they just want to know what their car’s worth.” The best way to deal with it is simply to go to the customer and say, “Hi! Mr and Mrs Smith, is it? I […]

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Bet this one is not top of the ‘to do’ list today?

What’s the most important thing that youBet this one is not top of the ‘to do’ list today? can do as a sales or business manager to dramatically improve results in your dealership? Second-facing every customer who comes into your business – every time. Watch my clip to see one idea. There are many others […]

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Get more from your follow up call?

What do you do with a customer who’s been in for a demonstration, likes the car, but has gone away to think about it? You’ve followed them up and given them a bit more information, but you’re still not really sure where they’re up to. In this module, you will notice I definitively haven’t said […]

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How much is that call worth to you?

You might want to work out how much each telephone enquiry is actually worth to you. If you take ten telephone enquiries to get one appointed customer who ends up buying a car, and let say that one customer is worth, £100 to you in commission, that means every telephone enquiry is worth £10. If […]

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Walk in or Phone?

I want to compare the process for Walk-in Customers with the process for Handling Telephone Enquiries. With the walk-in customer, we need to start by getting our attitude right. Then we do the meet and greet, qualify needs and wants using their part-exchange as a qualifying tool, and give a presentation and demonstration to raise […]

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What is the alternative?

Some words and phrases shouldn’t be used but I hear them in dealerships all the time. “Discount” Yes, you’re going to have to give a discount sometimes, but if you use that word it sounds like you’re devaluing your product or service. “Listen, I can do a saving on that one for you, a customer […]

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The worst thing to say to a customer!

The worst thing you can say to a customer is, “Is there anything I can do to get you to buy while you’re here today?” You’ve probably heard a lot of your colleagues say it, and if you’re a sales manager you’ve probably said it yourself or to your salespeople sometimes. So what’s the problem […]

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What are your calls, pressure or persistence?

So you see, the difference between pressure and persistence is just the technique. If all you are doing is phoning up and asking, “What are your thoughts…what are your thoughts?”, that can be seen as pressuring the customer. Keep that in mind the next time you are following up a customer!! Sign up today and […]

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Sell the value, not price

You need to be able to tell customers exactly what you are doing when you service their air-con system, and that means being able to communicate the features, advantages and benefits. As an example: • Features – Check the entire system, refill the lubricating gas and measure temperature output. • Advantages – factory-trained technicians, manufacturer […]

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