Sales Fitness

The Sales Fitness Programmes

The vast majority of managers and leaders today recognise the importance training plays in the success of building a robust and effective sales team. However the practicality of providing the training is often an obstacle to achieving the required level. Location, time away from the dealership, cost, staff cover and availability of the right courses are just some of the reasons that prevent desired training from taking place in a timely manner.

Even when training is successfully delivered it often comes as a shot in the arm, a 2 day course in a period of 12 months! This means a delegate attends the course and hears lots of great material that they intend to implement within their own processes. The best intentions become diluted when the individual return to their working environment and many good intentions fall away.

The range of Sales Fitness Courses provides training that allows the delegates to learn in manageable chunks and to repeat if required until each delegate fully understands the skill or technique. Delivered daily to the delegate’s inbox, each email contains a link that requires no logging on. Each session takes no more than 15 minutes of focus. These short sharp sessions optimise the learning and more importantly the retention, by working on a little and often strategy.

Tasks and online quizzes are utilised to verify the delegates learning and retention, building to provide a powerful training record for each delegate. They provide comprehensive and in depth knowledge of proven skills and techniques to assist your teams sell more cars, services and parts, and more profitably.

A range of cost effective courses are available for your delegates and all to be completed without your people leaving the dealership. Courses are currently available from just £299 plus VAT. Click on the headings below to find out more.