Testimonials from our clients

The course was great and I picked up very helpful and useful tips that I could use when selling.

Gytis Rozmanas - Car Centre

Enjoyed the course and the training some useful points taken from the videos.

Kieran McGrath - VW

Thank you for the course I have taken some great techniques and knowledge from this training programme especially being very new into the trade it has helped me take a jump start into my new career.

James Shakespeare - VW

I have given Symco training 5 stars. The training was challenging at times, a lot to take in but very manageable as time went on, as it got easier and made sense throughout the course. Simon’s great sense of humour really made all the training that much more enjoyable. The Course was very detailed and has such benefits. I am very excited to use what I’ve learned in Symco, in the real world and put this training to good use! Very impressed with the detailed information and how well put together everything was. Definitely would recommend anyone, who is training in sales, to get these great people to guide you through, to start your career off!

David O'Callaghan - VW

Once again thank you for the opportunity and I’m glad I took part in this course… Looking forward to receiving my certificate.

Charlie Brownlie - Motorcycles

The course was very helpful and interesting, thank you.

Sean Algera - VW

Great course, really enjoyed it, very informative  and the follow up videos kept everything fresh.

Stephen Bourke - Mercedes

Thank you for all of the info on the training, I learned a lot and picked up tips and info on selling. I’m trying to use my new skills with every customer and so far so good!

Andy O'Reardon - Toyota

Really enjoyed the course.

Alanna Molloy - VW

I’ve been on many courses during my time in the industry but, I have to say this is by far the best. Don’t get me wrong, I have of course heard the majority of the content but it’s how it’s put across. The structure is great and Simon was on point with his presentation of the programme.

Jason Kendall - Toyota