Why change the Brake Fluid?

When you’re explaining a brake fluid change, the most common objection service advisor’s tend to get is the customer telling them they just haven’t done that many miles in their car.

I thought this is a great way of getting customers to visualise why it’s so important to have the brake fluid changed.

The ‘Orange Squash’ explanation:

You might want to consider this technique, which I picked up from a colleague, Tony Sexton.

“Mr Customer, remember when you were a kid and your mum would give you a drink of squash, and then you’d asked for a little bit more? Rather than go back to the fridge, sometimes she’d top it up with water from the tap – only then it doesn’t taste quite so nice, because it’s more diluted.

“That’s exactly what happens with your brake fluid. If you just keep topping it up, it starts to get diluted. What we need to do is take all the old fluid out of the system and fill it up again with new brake fluid.”

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