Who has the credibility?

Tips for service advisors:

Service advisors can use the credibility of their technicians when trying to upsell a customer. Every year, Reader’s Digest publishes a Trust Survey. It ranks 45 different professions, in order of public opinion. In the last one I saw, No 1 was firefighters, followed by ambulance drivers and pilots. Car salespeople were listed at No 43. Out of 45!

Vehicle technicians fared better, in 23rd place. So if your dealership is typical, it seems that your technicians have more credibility with your customers than your sales team.

Instead of saying “I recommend that an air-conditioning service needs to be done,” try this approach and see how it works for you.

Use your technician’s name as often as you can. “Mr Customer, when Dave, your technician, was servicing your car he asked me to ask you if you’d had ….. done?” Why? Because ‘Dave’ is the recognised expert. As a service advisor, you still look more like a car salesperson than a technician and it’s the technicians that customers trust most.

I think we should do this all the time. Introduce our technicians to more customers use their credibility to upsell.

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