When does the BEST presentation of a car happen in your dealership?

In my experience, it’s at the handover. That’s often when the customer finds out for the first time about some of the amazing things the technology in their brand new car can do for them. Why aren’t we doing this earlier on in the sales process?
In fact, it’s one of the biggest things I see not happening in car dealerships today. Or if it is done, it tends to be the “it’s got… it’s got… it’s got…” type of ‘feature dump’ presentation.

Lets get back to basics!

Qualify the customer first:
To give a great presentation, the first thing you must do is qualify the customer to find out what they’re interested in on that car. Then follow the features-advantages-benefits structure. Yes it’s as old as the hills, but it works.

Feature – What the actual feature is.
Advantage – The generic advantage.
Benefit – What it means for your particular customer.

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