Want to sound better on the phone? Try these tips.

First, when you pick up the phone, pause, take a breath, and don’t get half of your introduction out before the phone is next to your ear. The pause tells the customer to switch their ears on.

Next, at the start of the call, speak a little louder than you usually do. For two reasons. One, it’s harder to mumble your introduction. And two, it sounds like enthusiasm and confidence – people like to deal with people who are enthusiastic and confident. Don’t start yelling, just talk a touch louder.

Also, talk a little slower. Don’t spend the whole call talking loud and slow though, or you might come across as a bit strange! It’s just right at the beginning.

Stand up before you take the call too, because it allows more air to get into our diaphragm and we can project our voice better. If you have a cordless phone or mobile, walk around while you’re taking the call. It lets more oxygen get to your brain and that helps us to think better.

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