Walk in or Phone?

I want to compare the process for Walk-in Customers with the process for Handling Telephone Enquiries.

With the walk-in customer, we need to start by getting our attitude right. Then we do the meet and greet, qualify needs and wants using their part-exchange as a qualifying tool, and give a presentation and demonstration to raise the desire for the product. At the end of the demonstration drive, we test the customer’s commitment with a trial close question, then we negotiate, and finally close.

Telephone enquiry process:
The telephone enquiry process is quite similar in that we need to get our attitude right first and introduce ourselves to the customer. when we have to qualify them, find out
what they are interested in and what it was about that car that put it on their shopping list.

The next stage of the telephone enquiry is converting the call into a showroom
appointment. So the presentation and demonstration stages of the road to the sale don’t apply. However, the purpose of the presentation and demonstration is to raise
the customer’s desire for the car, and that’s what we need to focus on with telephone enquiries is raising the customer’s desire to visit the showroom.

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