To offer or not to offer!

I sometimes think we’re too quick to make a judgement call on behalf of our customers. We tend to decide if we think they’ve spent enough, rather than offering every product to every customer every time and letting them decide if they want it.

That’s why I always urge all Dealer Principals, Service Managers and Service Advisers to follow the Grandma Rule in their businesses.

When you have a car in your workshop and a VHC has identified some extra work, ask yourself this – if your grandma was buying this car, would you insist the work was done before she bought it? If it’s ‘yes’, you should offer it to your customers.

Apply the rule to your business. In fact, why not get a photo of your gran, put it up behind the scenes … and get your service advisers thinking about the Grandma Rule? It might just help you to increase the hours you sell per job card.

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