The First 90 Days

It is widely recognised that the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are developed within the First 90 Days of a new role or job form the foundations. They therefore play a fundamental part in the success an individual enjoy within that role. You are probably still using some of the skills and techniques you learnt early on in your career.

The First 90 Days allows you the ability to employ your chosen candidate and from day one of their employment begin a structured training path. Covering the following topics and lots more besides: Attitude, Meet and Greet, Qualification, Presentation, Demonstration, Negotiation skills, Closing skills, Objection handling.

Who Should Enrol?

This course has been specifically designed to enable you to recruit a new to industry sales person and provided them with detailed and structured training on operating an effective sales process. Many clients have found it beneficial to enrol not only the new to business, but also the established sales people as the modules serve as a great reminder and refresher.