Testimonials from our clients

Really enjoyed the training, great model and works with the time constraints and attention span of a typical salesman! Definitely took a lot away from it.

Dan O Neill - Jaguar Land Rover

The course was very good and easy to work through with the different videos. Objection handling guidance was exceptional, really liked the guidelines for dealing with customers on that.

Ian Dockrell - Volvo

The course is excellent. Videos are full of good information well presented and the duration balance is very good.

Damien Mongey - Kia

I found this course helpful. Thank you very much for your help.

Shannon McDonald - Renualt

I really enjoyed the course and found it very useful for tips on dealing with customers.

Ian Daly - SEAT

Really enjoyed the relaxed approach to the training videos, very interesting techniques, sparked a couple of lightbulb moments, will definitely be using the videos down the line to revise and get out of the Sadims!

Peter Finegan - SEAT

Sales Fitness Programme – ‘The First 90 Day’ online Training Course:

I would certainly recommend the course, a lot of the detail within the course could be of huge benefit to up and coming sales staff and you can tailor the information to suit your own style.

The insistence on ‘Attitude’ being as important as any words you say also helps as all the words in the world are not going to sell anything if the attitude isn’t right.

Donagh Oates - Toyota

I have enjoyed this program and found myself using the techniques with many customers.

Charlotte Boycott - Audi

The classroom training with Skippy was very Unique.

I have attended a lot of training courses and once you leave the room you forget 50% of the content, but with the techniques Skippy uses it really does stick in your brain. It also allows you to adapt everything to different situations with customers when back at the dealership.

Adam Eburne - Volkswagen

Thank you Penny and to all the crew at Symco Training.

I really enjoyed the training and it’s definitely made me a better Sales Executive.

Mark McEvoy - Used Car Specialist