Testimonials from our clients

Thanks for putting the course together, I found it very helpful and it’s a great continuation from ‘A road to a sale’. Looking forward to future online courses.

Stephen Cosgrave - Toyota

The course was great.

Eoin Campbell - VW

I would say the course has been very beneficial and I have gained very useful service advisor techniques from it. The training videos are quick and to the point which is very helpful given the day to day workload of a service advisor.

Gary Moore - Kia

Brilliant course well-spoken and clearly used in the ‘real world’ as it works in the real world!

Colton Friel - Kia Opel

Everything I learnt from you is paying off. I now work for mini and I’m smashing it! Thank you for your help, I did listen! Darren really understood me I felt, such a good guy.

Harry Lansdale - Mini

Really good online training, picked up on some pointers to help along with my 35-year experience. Thanks again.

Jake Ruckley - Nissan

I enjoyed it and found it very informative.

Simon Willoughby - Multi

I really enjoyed the course. Skippy is a wonderful teacher and really made the learning experience enjoyable. He really makes you engage and I have learned so much from the course that I will take with me into the future.

Melissa McClelland - Volkswagen

The programme is excellent and very useful, I enjoyed every video I watched.

Maia Stanila - Volkswagen

I did enjoy the course, clips were quick and to the point. A lot to take from each video.

Conor McManagan - Honda