Testimonials from our clients

Today’s Service Advisor Course:

The course was pretty good, a lot of very useful information which I have noted and will remind myself and my colleagues to utilise.

Tom Whiting - Triumph

Today’s Service Advisor Course:

Very informative, full of helpful tips.

Very good, great product support & communication.

Alex Diplock - Triumph

I enjoyed the course.

I’ve picked up some good new bits and some other bits which I have forgotten over the years.

Sam Worden - Audi

Rating: 5-star

Fabulous as always thank you Simon, Penny and the rest of the team, you’ve given me some great ways to improve.

James Panter - Audi

It was a great course, gave me some fantastic ideas and guided me very well in the Sales Process.

Mikey Bul - Volkswagen

The programme has helped me a lot, especially with objection handling which has never been a strong point of mine.

Joshua Ridge - Audi

I have enjoyed taking part in the course as I think it is nice to have a refresher and it does no harm to learn areas that sometimes we may forget.

Eric Wright - Honda

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of the people at Symco Training, especially Penny for the help and support you have shown throughout the whole course and also Simon for making the training days exciting and very informative.

As someone that has never done Sales before I have learnt a lot and it is down to Simon and Symco.

Joanne Martin - Fiat

You truly never stop learning and Symco actively encourage this.

Things are always in flux and it never hurts to revisit the basics to reset and go again. The Funny Money Session is a prime example and has helped me on many occasions to maximise profit.

Thanks for all your encouragement.

Steve Green - Honda

Customer First Contact Online Course:

I found the course very helpful and it was good having it daily as I found it more manageable to fit into my schedule.

The videos were very informative and Simon made everything very clear.

Fiona Powell - Honda