Testimonials from our clients

I found the course very educational and interesting. Great that some sessions are shorter and some are longer, and the stories given make it easier to remember the message being given!

Aoife Conroy - Renault

Really enjoyed the Service Advisor course. Found the videos after the training very informative.

Karen Minchin - Toyota

Very good course find the videos are a great thing especially watching them in the morning then implementing what you have learned into your working day.

Phil Burt - VW

It was very enjoyable and informative, Simon is very good.

James Ryan - Audi

All good with the course, picked up some great points.  Many thanks to Simon for all his help over the last few months.

Barry O’Mahony - VW & Audi

Found the training course very good, really enjoyed it. Found the videos very helpful.

Oisin Cannon - VW

I found it very helpful.

Robert Foley - BMW

I found the course very interesting. Simon explains things are very simple, yet his technique of repeating things makes us remember it better. The 4 square technique that Simon introduced is really good and in my opinion, the 4 square gets the team working together.

Inga Juozunaite - Audi

I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it.

Emmet Barone - VW

I definitely enjoyed the course. Picked up some great tips from Simon. He is very real and relatable. Also refreshing that he has worked in the industry himself and he is teaching practised methods.

Stacey Brush - Mercedes