Testimonials from our clients

Honestly a cracking programme! Couldn’t recommend it more, Skippy has an unbelievable amount of energy and enthusiasm. Stands out from other training videos!

James Dempster - Kia

I am delighted to have passed the course and found it extremely helpful on many fronts.

Michael Devlin - Ford

I’ve been a service advisor for two years – so I knew quite a bit but this training course has really helped with selling skills and objection handling. I’ve noticed my tyre sales have improved and the interaction with my customers has become a lot more pleasant and relaxed. So I definitely recommend this training course to every service advisor.

Lauren Letherby - Audi

I was pleasantly surprised by the course in Dublin and the follow-on online course.

The tutors had a sense of the real world in their presentations.

I did also gain some great new techniques to use and some ideas I will certainly be trying out.

Martin McAnenna - SEAT

The course is highly positive, it achieves what it sets out to do. It is simple, time effective and consistent.

Jason Brogden - Group

I thought the training course was good. I enjoyed it.

Mike Copeman - Subaru

I really enjoyed the course and as always, Simon is an inspiration and really motivates with new ideas and techniques.

Will Patterson – Seat

It was very immersive and responsive to the real-world motor sales industry.

Paul Clarke – Audi

The First 90 days training course was excellent, having a video a day for 90 days really motivated me to change things up. Every single video helped in its own way and has taught me a lot about the car sales industry. I am new to this job and the SYMCO training videos made the transition to car sales very easy.

Caleb Stokes – Used Car Super Market

Great course – good content. I have never done a course so detailed before so thought it was excellent.

Finbarr Noonan – Hyundai