Servicing for Free!

This might be a bit controversial but, in a way, servicing a car is free. Indeed, when someone first told me that I thought they must be mad. We’re here to make a profit after all, and part of that – a big part – comes from servicing.

But think it through. If you had a three-year-old car that didn’t have a single service on it, do you think your used car manager would price it lower than an otherwise identical car with a full manufacturer’s service history? Of course he would. How much less would it be? £1,000? It would have to be something like that.

Now compare that to how much a customer would have had to spend on servicing during that three-year period. So yes, you could say that, in a way, servicing a car is free.

When things get tough and money is tight, what do you think people put off most? According to a recent survey, the No.1 thing tends to be DIY projects, followed by gym membership. Have a guess what the third thing was. Car servicing! That’s why it’s so important to let our customers know what needs to be done to their vehicle.

People don’t just not service their cars in difficult times, they also stretch things out. They will just have an interim service when a major service is due, or not bother getting their air-conditioning done when the service for that is due, or tell you to skip the brake fluid change when that becomes due.

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