Service Advisors – What Is On Your Agenda Today?

We know it is basic math, but on our courses, it really resonates with the teams and it has never been more relevant.

If your daily target is 40 hours, look at the different way it could be achieved:

40 hours – Average of 1 hour per job card = 40 cars
Lots of small jobs booked, no time available for redwork, no strong EVHC processes.

40 hours – an average of 2 hours per job card = 20 cars – Half the volume!
Strong planning, presale of products or services, bookings based on time and expertise available, time to accommodate redwork identified, team, pulling together.

Now, these might be extremes, but which site would you want to be a Service Advisor at?

A strong process from initial booking through to a post-visit follow up call will make sure your team achieve plan in a controlled manner. It is self-funding!

Find out how our clients are preparing their teams to meet these new challenges and demands, call us today for a plan on how to capitalise.