Programme Structure

While the technology can change in an instant, human nature does not. This programme has been designed to gain optimum retention from your investment in the training. Simply moving online is no guarantee of retention or indeed change in habits. Our programmes follow a proven structure to ensure you get the results you require. All programmes have a maximum of 10 delegates per group.


•  Identify Personal learning objectives
•  Preparation of printed training material

Symco Live Training

Live 3 x 2 hour consecutive online training sessions with a Symco sales trainer. These are focussed training sessions requiring delegate interaction and participation. It is essential that all delegates attend all sessions.

Sales Fitness

The trouble with any classroom training is the delegates can quickly forget what has been taught. We have found if you simply take a traditional training course online, the delegated retention is dramatically reduced. The micro learning sessions of the SalesFitness programme assists in overcoming this issue, click Sales Fitness for full benefits.

Post Programme

•  Post programme assessment
•  Certificated by IMI (Institute of Motor Industry)
•  Copy of Words that Sell Cars Book


The world has changed rapidly. How much is it going to cost you if your Team are not prepared for a new approach to sales?

Training Schedule ‘Selling for Service Advisors’
Training Duration Style Delegates Key content
Pre-programme N/A Email Service Advisors

Personal Learning Objectives
Electronic Workbook

‘Selling for Service Advisors’
LIVE Sessions

3 x 2 hour – Course Online Meeting Room

Service Advisors
(maximum 10)

Sessions are in clusters
Delegates attend all sessions

Sales Fitness Programme 45 days Online Service Advisors

Enrolled post final Live event
IMI Personal Dev Certificate

Post course N/A Email Service Advisors

Post course assessment
Words that Sell Cars Book

Selling for Service Advisors

Who should attend? Tailored to Service Advisors and Service Managers that are looking to improve the delivery of a smooth vehicle health check process. Whilst incorporating the demands of the post Covid-19 era.

The role of the Service Advisor has probably changed more than any other within the business over the last 10 years. That rate of change continues with new working environment. The total number of vehicles that we are able to accommodate in a day is being restricted by the new measures.

Meticulous planning and preparation are needed in order to bring all the integral elements of the process together. Without this complete focus on process the throughput can never be sufficient to achieve the desired profits.

The booking
The red work call
The follow up process
Using EVHC to drive the business
Presenting additional services
Right product, customer & time
Customer expectations & fears
Customer satisfaction
People skills
Closing – asking for the business

Morning drop off
Vehicle collection
The 3 laws of selling that have to be satisfied
Developing a robust EVHC process
Presenting additional products
Converting more red work
The Granma rule
A robust amber follow up process
Behavioural styles
Objection handling

Red work is the most perishable of items in the dealership, if it not converted to business today it is almost certainly gone for every. If red work is dangerous, MOT/NCT failure or requires replacing what percentage should your team convert?

It will provide a unique opportunity to review and modify the Service Advisors current processes to ensure they optimise todays opportunities.