Sales Manager or Manager of the Sale

Do you make sure you have enough time to manage the sales?

I’m sure your dealership, dealer group or manufacturer will have given you a job description. But I actually think that your best job description is just what it says on your business card.

Your job title is Sales Manager. That means you need to manage the sale. Don’t get me wrong, we all know there are so many things you have to do as the Sales Manager in a modern car dealership. The Sales Manager’s desk is one of the busiest in the whole dealership. You’ve got WLTP and the stock you need to get. There’s GDPR and other legislation. Then there are all the things that your manufacturer is asking you to do. You need to look at CSI scores, coach your salespeople on a daily basis and countless other things.

You have all these things to do, and yet the job is still to manage the sales. That’s your job description.

Do you make sure you have enough time to manage the sales? Are you doing the second and third reviews throughout the sales process? Are you inspecting what you expect and making sure your salespeople are following the process that you want them to follow?

So when we talk about the job description and all the roles you should be fulfilling, never lose sight of that fact that the most important one is managing the sale. Day in day out, that’s the job.

Here’s a funny thing about the motor industry, and in fact probably every industry: sales cure everything. If you are selling a lot of cars, making a lot of profit and selling a lot of bolt-on products, somehow all the other stresses tend to go away. Sales cure everything.

Remember that every time you come to work. Focus on getting your salespeople to do what they should be doing every single time and take a bit of pressure off your job.

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