Released: May 23, 2024

Colin McAllister, Group Training & Development Manager – John Clark Group, joins us to discuss recent developments with Gap.

How do we fill the turnover hole from GAP? Is it coming back? Are there any benefits from not selling it?  So many questions, but we delve into them all in this episode.

Some great ideas to share with your team.


How to Succeed in Agency

Released: May 16, 2024

Andrew Wakelin, Regional Operations Director of Stellantis &You, returns to continue his interview and discuss how to ensure your dealership is successful in an agency model.

With electric vehicle targets on everyone’s mind, we also look at strategies to help you on your way.

Lastly Andrew shares his wisdom, on recruiting and staff motivation.


Do Yourself Out of a Job

Released: May 09, 2024

We are delighted to have Andrew Wakelin, Regional Operations Director -Stellantis &You,  with us for the next two episodes.

Andrew started in the trade valeting cars, in the days when it’s fair to say the management style was very different to what we like to see now.  It was then, he vowed not to treat staff  in the way he was treated and how important it is to know who is working for you.


Habits to Change Your Life

Released: May 02, 2024

Book Club is back! In this episode we review Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Our habits create our lives and its little habits that can change our lives over time. This book is full of useful hints and tips that any manager could put into place instantly in their dealership to help with improvements in both results and culture.


Using AI

Released: April 25, 2024

AI is not going to go away, so let’s embrace it and see how it can help you in your dealership or job?

We can use AI in so many ways, that the list is actually endless.  However, we do need to be clever with it, and tell it what good looks like, to get great results.

Will it replace staff in a dealership?



Released: April 18, 2024

Most customers start their buying journey online or by phone, so communication is key.

Given that we can’t use a lot of our non-verbal communication skills on the phone or by email, it’s even more important.

In this episode Simon talks about how the trial close can help.


How to Work with Weirdos!

Released: April 11, 2024

In the concluding episode of our two part interview with Jonathan Dawson from Sellchology we talk about management and sales skills that can be applied whatever your position is.

Everything from empathy and looking for the good, to understanding your team and what motivates them.

Jonathan also shares some of his best sales tips and techniques.



Released: April 04, 2024

This is the first instalment of a two part interview with Jonathan Dawson from Sellchology.

Simon heard Jonathan speak at the latest NADA conference and thought it would be really interesting to have him on the podcast.


Service Bookings & VHC

Released: Mar 21, 2024

We take a look at the best way to deal with incoming service bookings and when to introduce the VHC to your customers.

Simon explains how to set the agenda, so you don’t surprise your customer, and explain the Vehicle Health Check.


Manage Your Chimp

Released: Mar 14, 2024

In our second book club episode with Jason Cranswick, we discuss the ‘The Chimp Paradox’ by Steve Peters

This is a brilliant and enlightening read.  Steve explains how we all have effectively three brains and the chimp is one of them. It’s the first part of your brain to react, which makes it vitally important in your professional and personal life to learn the manage it.


The Three Knows

Released: Mar 7, 2024

This episode is a recap on three important points: Know Your Game Plan, Know Your Numbers and Know Your Business.

Elise Kephart takes us through her start in Starbucks, and the importance of having a game plan when you contact a customer.

We also hear form John O’Hanlon on how critical it is to know your numbers and your business.


The Snake

Released: Feb 29, 2024

This is the final episode in our miniseries on customer types.

We finish on the snake, how to sell to them and what objection handling techniques work well.

The snake makes decisions based on facts and logic,  so appeal to that and understand that establishing a relationship can take time.


The Mouse

Released: Feb 22, 2024

Following on from the puppy dog in the last episode, we now look at the mouse.

These customers can either be extremely easy to sell to or extremely difficult to sell to.

We discuss finding common ground and how to close.


The Puppy Dog

Released: Feb 15, 2024

The third part of our customer types series, focuses on the characteristics, and how to sell to the puppy dog.

We look at how to identify a puppy dog, how to make them feel special and also what not to do.

The puppy dog can be easy to sell too, but it can take time and patience.


The Lion

Released: Feb 08, 2024

In the previous episode in our mini series on customer types we looked at the different customer types and the history behind it.

It really helps in the sales process if we can identify which one a customer is portraying. The first type we discuss today is the Lion.


Mastering The 4 Customer Types

Released: Feb 01, 2024

In this episode we start a mini series about customer types. Kicking it off with a brief journey into the history behind psycho metric profiles.

We then move on to a brief explanation of the four customer types, and how people can be one type in their work life and another in their personal life.


Everything Centres Round the Customer

Released: Jan 25, 2024

This week we take a step back and listen to some of the tops tips from our previous guests.  There is one thing that Jim Reid, Steve Faulkner, Jeff Cowan and Mike Jones all have in common – everything centres round the customer.


Give People the Meat

Released: Jan 18, 2024

What makes a great sales trainer? This is a question we get asked regularly, so in this episode we look at the qualities that Symco look for in people to join our team.

Great trainers go on more training than their delegates to stay fresh and sharp,  can engage an audience and are good communicators.


2024 Goals

Released: Jan 11, 2024

It’s the time of year for goal setting, so let’s talk about some techniques that can help you.

These tips can be applied to help with you goals in your career, home life and financial aspirations.

A great episode to play in your sales meetings this month.


About Symco Training:

Symco Training was founded in 2000 by Simon Bowkett and it was his belief that the business had to offer its clients something different. That difference was clear to Simon from his days in the dealership when he experienced many sales trainers who had all the answers, but were unable, unwilling or both to actually  show the delegate how they could be implemented. It remains the ethos of the business today. You see, Symco only employ trainers that are committed to delivering not only inspiring and insightful training, but are equally as happy to demonstrate these skills and techniques with real customers in your own showroom.

We believe in order for sales training to be effective and in Simon’s words ‘real world’, it needs to be tried and tested in the only place it matters the showroom floor. There is no room for theory when your goals are for your team to sell more cars, hours or parts and retain more profit. In dealerships around the world the focus applied by many of the sales executives is to try and sell a deal. Symco specialise in getting your teams to focus on selling themselves, the product and then supporting this with the deal.

To find out more visit www.symcotraining.co.uk