Nowhere to go? Try this.

What do you do when you get into a stalemate with a customer? You’ve offered them a balance to change of, say, £8,000 but they are digging their heels in for £7,500 and you really don’t have anywhere else to go.

Let’s take the new car customer first. Try this simple three-step process the next time you have a gap you can’t bridge:

1. “I think what you’re really asking me, sir, is ‘can I get that car for a £7,500 balance’ – from one of our competitors perhaps? You know, I don’t think you will. Because we all buy our cars from exactly the same place – [name of manufacturer]. We buy them at the same price, and we all have the same restrictions. So any price that we can do, another dealership can match – and vice versa.”
2. “And if you think about it, why would I let you walk out of here, knowing that you could go to one of our competitors and get a better price? It wouldn’t make commercial sense. So, what I think you are asking me is, have you got the best deal you are going to get? And you know, I really think you have.”

3. It’s important to leave them with a bit of a win. “So, Mr Customer, if I can make sure the fuel tank is full, can we go ahead with that?” Or: “If I make sure we can do the Diamondbrite at half price, would you like to pick it up next Thursday – or would Friday be better?”

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