How quickly do you give up following up?

What do you do with people you just can’t get through too? Whenever you phone, they just never seem to be there!!

To actually get through to your prospect, you might want to try an even simpler approach. Call after six o’clock in the evening. Most people who can afford to buy cars tend to be working from 9 to 5 and may well not get home until after 6pm.

Also, consider following up customers on Sundays. It seems obvious, but I often hear salespeople say they don’t want to be phoning people up on a Sunday as it’s ‘a selling day’. Following up customers on a Saturday can be worthwhile too. Or before 8.30am in the week. You will often get through to people then.

Whatever techniques you use, I urge you to stay in touch with customers. As one of my old sales managers used to say, stay in touch until they buy … or die.

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