Have you built enough rapport with your customers?

Ask yourself a simple question. Who is doing all the talking at the start of the sales process? If it’s you, the chances are you are not getting to know the customer.

You are probably spending too much time talking about the deal instead, which makes it much harder to open your customers up and to get a fair profit out of the vehicle.

Who is a great interviewer? Possibly Michael Parkinson. Think about some of the classic interviews he’s done – with Mohammed Ali, Billy Connolly or David Attenborough for instance – then ask yourself, how much talking does he actually do?

He’s a master of the open question, that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. Something like, ‘Well, David, you’ve been filming wildlife for the last 60 years, tell me – what is it that still makes it fascinating to you?’ Then he just sits back and listens.

And remember, customers want you to be interested in them much more than they want you to be interesting.

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