Get more from your follow up call?

What do you do with a customer who’s been in for a demonstration, likes the car, but has gone away to think about it? You’ve followed them up and given them a bit more information, but you’re still not really sure where they’re up to.

In this module, you will notice I definitively haven’t said we are going to give them any extra money. It’s more the hope of extra money. And, I’ve also said it’s an independent buyer who might be able to give them that extra money, rather than my dealership.

I’m also asking when’s a good time to make an appointment, to make sure that both the customer and the buyer can be here. They might not feel so bad about letting you down – after all, you’re just a lowly salesperson! – but they might feel differently about letting someone else down.

I wouldn’t use this technique on my first follow-up call. I would hold it back for the second or third call down the line.

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