Get in the zone!

In fact, the experts tell us there are four different spatial zones:

• Public Zone – people we don’t know, like the walk-in customer. They start to feel a little uncomfortable if you come within 3.6 metres of them, on average.
• Social Zone – people we do know, work colleagues for example. Can come to within 1.2 metres on average.
• Personal Zone – our friends. 46 centimetres. This is where we are aiming to get to with customers. If you can’t get out of the Public or even the Social zones, making a sale is much harder.
• Intimate Zone – our family and very close friends. Within 15cm.

We need the customer’s permission – be it spoken or unspoken – to move through each of these zones. And the key to success here is not so much what we say as the way we say it.

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