Every sale needs Urgency!

You need to be careful when putting a sense of urgency into your response to telephone enquiries because, if you build urgency in without any credibility, the danger is that your customers won’t believe it.

If the customer has seen the car on a site like Autotrader, you can say: “Autotrader gives us lots of information, like how many people viewed the car, how often they viewed it and even the location. That’s why you put your postcode in when you’re searching. Just to let you know, out of all of our group stock, that was the second most viewed car this weekend.”

I mentioned this technique to a salesperson and what he did was take a screen shot of the Autotrader information and sent it to the customer. That really gave this technique some believable urgency, and he was able to secure the deal very quickl

Don’t leave it too late:
Just remember, make it fairly subtle. And do it at the beginning of the process, because it tends not to work if you do it at the end.

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