Do you struggle Remembering names?

Someone once told me that the name of a customer is the most important word in our language.

But the problem I have is that my memory’s not very good. I’ve always had trouble remembering names, and I’ve been caught out before by getting to the point where we need to fill out the order form and then asking a customer how they spell their name. It’s embarrassing if they come back with J-o-h-n S-m-i-t-h.

If you struggle too, try mentioning their name three times in the first ten seconds of the meet and greet stage. Like this:

“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. I’m Simon. And you are…? Ah, Rick. Ok Rick, while you’re here today, are you looking for an X or a Y? Great. So tell me Rick, what was it about the X that put it on your shopping list?”

If you use your customer’s name throughout the sale, you will also find it easier to build rapport with them.

Try it the next time you are speaking to a customer.

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