Conversational Not Controversial

In this week’s episode I am chatting again with Ian Parker.

This is the second part of a two part interview. If you’ve not caught the first episode then have a listen to that first!

In this episode we continue our chat about how the motor trade had changed over the years, but also how everything changed pre-pandemic – and whether or not normality has now resumed.

Ian again offers some fantastic tips and insights  from his many years in the industry.

So enjoy this relaxed informal chat with two veterans of the automotive trade with some great training ideas for your teams and some fantastic stories too!

Here are the highlights:

(03:20) Getting the barriers to drop
(05:15) The stock problem
(09:49) OVER- Supply and demand
(15:51) They’ve done their research
(17:31) EV
(21:50) Servicing in the future
(30:37) Three tips (well,four)

About Symco Training:

Symco Training was founded in 2000 by Simon Bowkett and it was his belief that the business had to offer its clients something different. That difference was clear to Simon from his days in the dealership when he experienced many sales trainers who had all the answers, but were unable, unwilling or both to actually  show the delegate how they could be implemented. It remains the ethos of the business today. You see, Symco only employ trainers that are committed to delivering not only inspiring and insightful training, but are equally as happy to demonstrate these skills and techniques