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Nowhere to go? Try this.

What do you do when you get into a stalemate with a customer? You’ve offered them a balance to change of, say, £8,000 but they are digging their heels in for £7,500 and you really don’t have anywhere else to go. Let’s take the new car customer first. Try this simple three-step process the next […]

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When does the BEST presentation of a car happen in your dealership?

In my experience, it’s at the handover. That’s often when the customer finds out for the first time about some of the amazing things the technology in their brand new car can do for them. Why aren’t we doing this earlier on in the sales process? In fact, it’s one of the biggest things I […]

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Are you waiting for the ‘BE BACK BUS’ to arrive at your Dealership?

How do you handle customers who tell you they want to go away and think about it but will be back? Experience suggests that they rarely come back, and that you have to do everything you can to close them on the day – including getting your sales manager out to second face the customer. […]

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Major UK Car Dealer Group Achieves Record Low Staff Turnover Thanks to Innovative Training

One of the UK’s largest retail automotive groups has tackled the issue of high turnover of sales staff with an innovative induction programme for new recruits. “If staff don’t develop in the first three months, they never will and we don’t want them” says John Clark Motor Group Whilst some franchised car dealers grapple with […]

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Who has the credibility?

Tips for service advisors: Service advisors can use the credibility of their technicians when trying to upsell a customer. Every year, Reader’s Digest publishes a Trust Survey. It ranks 45 different professions, in order of public opinion. In the last one I saw, No 1 was firefighters, followed by ambulance drivers and pilots. Car salespeople […]

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Could Urgency be your missing ingredient?

Customers need to feel a sense of urgency before they decide to buy. Here’s an example of the power Urgency can bring to a situation: How much would you pay for a one-litre bottle of water? Less than £1? Well, imagine you’d been lost in the desert for several days and were dying of thirst. […]

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Job Desc

Sales Manager or Manager of the Sale

Do you make sure you have enough time to manage the sales? I’m sure your dealership, dealer group or manufacturer will have given you a job description. But I actually think that your best job description is just what it says on your business card. Your job title is Sales Manager. That means you need […]

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7 Words to Avoid & What to Say Instead

Do you want to find out what the most painful sales word is? Do you know why you should stop your customer from thinking? And how to not create ‘shoppers’ from your customers? Sign up to our newsletter and we’ll send you a copy of 7 Words to Avoid & What to Say Instead immediately. In this […]

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Are your PROFIT margins reducing?

  How is the VALUE in your product or services determined? Think of it in terms of a set of scales. On one side you have the product or service, and on the other is the amount of money you are asking them to spend on it. If the scales don’t at least balance, the […]

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Car sales in a digital age (1)

Protect your dealership bricks from millennial clicks – Ideas for future-proofing your offline business in the digital age

Protect your dealership bricks from millennial clicks – Ideas for future-proofing your offline business in the digital age. Not so long ago, the average person looking to purchase a car physically visited over three dealerships, providing an opportunity for multiple salespeople to ‘do their thing’ and secure the sale. Today, the one-time tyre kickers have […]

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