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Why change the Brake Fluid?

When you’re explaining a brake fluid change, the most common objection service advisor’s tend to get is the customer telling them they just haven’t done that many miles in their car. I thought this is a great way of getting customers to visualise why it’s so important to have the brake fluid changed. The ‘Orange […]

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Want to sound better on the phone? Try these tips.

First, when you pick up the phone, pause, take a breath, and don’t get half of your introduction out before the phone is next to your ear. The pause tells the customer to switch their ears on. Next, at the start of the call, speak a little louder than you usually do. For two reasons. […]

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Every great close should start with a great opening

“Have you found what you’re looking for”? If the customer say yes, you can then say, “Great, which one’s caught your attention?” And then, when they tell you, “What was it about the [model] that caught your attention?” They might say something like, “I like the 16-inch alloy wheels that it’s got.” “Oh, great, why’s […]

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Car sales & blind dates - the common factors

Servicing for Free!

This might be a bit controversial but, in a way, servicing a car is free. Indeed, when someone first told me that I thought they must be mad. We’re here to make a profit after all, and part of that – a big part – comes from servicing. But think it through. If you had […]

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Who is the expert?

Here’s an old one, but the message remains very relevant! Let’s go through some numbers. How many people a day do you speak to as a car salesperson? Two or three is about average, in which case you are probably speaking to between 700 and 1,000 prospects over the course of a year. Now let’s […]

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Have you built enough rapport with your customers?

Ask yourself a simple question. Who is doing all the talking at the start of the sales process? If it’s you, the chances are you are not getting to know the customer. You are probably spending too much time talking about the deal instead, which makes it much harder to open your customers up and […]

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Nowhere to go? Try this.

What do you do when you get into a stalemate with a customer? You’ve offered them a balance to change of, say, £8,000 but they are digging their heels in for £7,500 and you really don’t have anywhere else to go. Let’s take the new car customer first. Try this simple three-step process the next […]

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When does the BEST presentation of a car happen in your dealership?

In my experience, it’s at the handover. That’s often when the customer finds out for the first time about some of the amazing things the technology in their brand new car can do for them. Why aren’t we doing this earlier on in the sales process? In fact, it’s one of the biggest things I […]

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Are you waiting for the ‘BE BACK BUS’ to arrive at your Dealership?

How do you handle customers who tell you they want to go away and think about it but will be back? Experience suggests that they rarely come back, and that you have to do everything you can to close them on the day – including getting your sales manager out to second face the customer. […]

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Major UK Car Dealer Group Achieves Record Low Staff Turnover Thanks to Innovative Training

One of the UK’s largest retail automotive groups has tackled the issue of high turnover of sales staff with an innovative induction programme for new recruits. “If staff don’t develop in the first three months, they never will and we don’t want them” says John Clark Motor Group Whilst some franchised car dealers grapple with […]

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