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What is the alternative?

Some words and phrases shouldn’t be used but I hear them in dealerships all the time. “Discount” Yes, you’re going to have to give a discount sometimes, but if you use that word it sounds like you’re devaluing your product or service. “Listen, I can do a saving on that one for you, a customer […]

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The worst thing to say to a customer!

The worst thing you can say to a customer is, “Is there anything I can do to get you to buy while you’re here today?” You’ve probably heard a lot of your colleagues say it, and if you’re a sales manager you’ve probably said it yourself or to your salespeople sometimes. So what’s the problem […]

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What are your calls, pressure or persistence?

So you see, the difference between pressure and persistence is just the technique. If all you are doing is phoning up and asking, “What are your thoughts…what are your thoughts?”, that can be seen as pressuring the customer. Keep that in mind the next time you are following up a customer!! Sign up today and […]

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Sell the value, not price

You need to be able to tell customers exactly what you are doing when you service their air-con system, and that means being able to communicate the features, advantages and benefits. As an example: • Features – Check the entire system, refill the lubricating gas and measure temperature output. • Advantages – factory-trained technicians, manufacturer […]

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What’s motivating your people?

Just a couple of ideas that you may find useful when reviewing next years remuneration packages. Personal Best: Good salespeople are like top athletes. They are always pushing to beat their personal best. That’s why, in Symco, we pay a one-off bonus when somebody achieves a better monthly result than they have ever done before. […]

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Did you mean what you just said?

If you are familiar with the famous study from UCLA on verbal communication, you’ll know that as little as 7% of communication comes from the actual words we use; 38% is determined by how we say it (our tone of voice for example) and 55% comes through our body language. It’s one of the reasons […]

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When should I follow up!

When a customer leaves without buying a car, when do you usually follow them up? A lot of salespeople leave it too long. I’m actually a big believer in the ‘same night’ follow-up call. Customers might tell you they want to go away and think about it, but in reality, what they’re doing is going […]

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Are you conditioning your team?

Think about the words you use with your salespeople, do they directly ask your customers in the same way? Here’s an example. One of the questions we tell our salespeople never to ask a customer directly is, “When are you looking to buy?” Of course, we need to know the answer to this question, but […]

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Get in the zone!

In fact, the experts tell us there are four different spatial zones: • Public Zone – people we don’t know, like the walk-in customer. They start to feel a little uncomfortable if you come within 3.6 metres of them, on average. • Social Zone – people we do know, work colleagues for example. Can come […]

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Do you struggle Remembering names?

Someone once told me that the name of a customer is the most important word in our language. But the problem I have is that my memory’s not very good. I’ve always had trouble remembering names, and I’ve been caught out before by getting to the point where we need to fill out the order […]

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