Bet this one is not top of the ‘to do’ list today?

What’s the most important thing that youBet this one is not top of the ‘to do’ list today? can do as a sales or business manager to dramatically improve results in your dealership?

Second-facing every customer who comes into your business – every time.

Watch my clip to see one idea. There are many others you can try from our training programmes, but what’s important is that you get out there and second-face every customer. Not only will you close more deals, you will get more profit in them and your salespeople will start learning how to close better themselves.

I often hear sales managers saying they haven’t got the time, but the only reason they haven’t got the time is because they’re not second-facing in the first place. if you second-face more, your salespeople will learn how you close the deals and then they will start closing more deals themselves.

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