Avoiding being ghosted and more great tips from Elise Kephart (part 4)

In this episode we speak again to The YouTube Diva herself, Elise Kephart, in the last of this four part series.

Elise now runs her own sales training organisation in the United States, and in this episode, she offers some inspiring tips on closing sales , earning customer trust , avoiding being ghosted by the customer and much more!

There are some real gems in here from someone at the absolute top of their game in the car-salesindustry.

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Here are the highlights:

(01:04) What’s the right approach for the digital response team?

(07:09) Where does video fit in the sales process?

(12:39) Text or Call?

(24:58) Are we going to be around in the future as car salespeople?

(27:10) The first 90 days-what’s the plan?

About Symco Training:

Symco Training was founded in 2000 by Simon Bowkett and it was his belief that the business had to offerits clients something different. That difference was clear to Simon from his days in the dealership when heexperienced many sales trainers who had allthe answers, but were unable, unwilling or both to actuallyshow the delegate how they could be implemented. It remains the ethos of the business today. You see,Symco only employ trainers that are committed to delivering not only inspiring and insightful training, butare equally as happy to demonstrate these skills and techniques with real customers in your own showroom.We believe in order for sales training to be effective and in Simon’s words ‘real world’, it needs to be triedand tested in the only place it matters the showroom floor. There is no room for theory when your goals arefor your team to sell more cars, hours or parts and retain more profit. In dealerships around the world thefocus applied by many of the sales executives is to try and sell a deal. Symco specialise in getting your teamsto focus on selling themselves, the product and then supporting this withthe deal.

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