Are Your Team Digital Experts!

Remember the first manufacturer targets times for responding to email enquiry? For most, within 48 hours was where they started, hard to believe now and we even missed some of these!

Fast forward a few years and most are looking for a lot less than the hour! Speed really was the key part of dealing with those enquiries. With the introduction of online departments focused solely on the incoming digital enquires we are now in many cases talking the majority in minutes and sometimes even in seconds! Speedy responses can go no quicker, what sets you out from the crowd?

The overwhelming majority of incoming enquiries from now are very likely to originate from


an email or digital enquiry. Every salesperson must now become a digital specialist, are you planning what changes you need to make to your approach in order to capitalise on this vibrant new marketplace?

Think what was YOUR enquiry split in January 2020? And where did YOUR deals come from?

What will it be in June 2020?

Start planning and preparing with Symco Training on your team, call us today for more information.