Are you waiting for the ‘BE BACK BUS’ to arrive at your Dealership?

How do you handle customers who tell you they want to go away and think about it but will be back? Experience suggests that they rarely come back, and that you have to do everything you can to close them on the day – including getting your sales manager out to second face the customer.

You can’t close every deal though. If you are having difficulty closing the people you speak to, practice this simple technique.

Give them a reason to come back. It won’t work on every customer, but with some of them you will be able to make a firm appointment – and in the long run that means extra sales for you.

By the way, don’t use it as an excuse for letting customers leave without buying – if they say they want to think about it, you must try to close them on the day by finding out what their real reason is for leaving.

But if you can’t, you might want to dangle a carrot by giving them a good reason to come back to you.

Watch the video for an idea that might work for you.

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