A Simple way to make money

Two of the most powerful words in the negotiation stage of the sales process are ‘Feasible’ and ‘Flexible’.

Typically, when we’re with a customer we might turn around and say, “we can’t keep those payments at £350 a month, what would you buy it at?”

There’s a problem with words like ‘Can’t’. If you ever tell anyone they can’t do something, the natural human reaction is: “I’ll show you I can!”

So swap these words for ‘Feasible’ and ‘Flexible’. Effectively they mean the same thing, it’s just that they are softer and more palatable to the customer: “Mr Customer, I just don’t think £350 a month is going to be feasible. How flexible can you be?”

About 80% of your customers will say something along the lines of: “What do you mean by flexible?” But what they are really saying here is “if you pick me up by the ankles and shake me really hard, more money is going to fall out of my pocket!”

The other 20% will say something like: “No I can’t, it’s got to be £300 a month.” In other words, they have just given you a commitment – albeit not quite at the right price yet. You still have some work to do.

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