A bite-size lesson in learning for the car sales industry

A bite-size lesson in learning for the car sales industry

Apprehensive about closing a sale? Wish you had more tools in your armoury for dealing with objections? Or perhaps you’d just like some fresh ideas on how to get the most out of every sales opportunity?

So, what are you going to do about it? Phone a friend? Read a book? Or perhaps you’ll Google it; simply type a few keywords and within a nanosecond, you’ll be faced with page after page of potential solutions? 

Another option, would be to invest in some bite-sized learning; a bit like a Google search, but without having to judge which answer is the right one.

What exactly is bite-size(d) learning?

Quite simply, bite-size learning takes a large chunk of information and breaks it down into smaller nuggets that are easier to digest – like eating a slice of pizza instead of the whole thing in one go.

What are the benefits of bite-size learning?

  1. Focus

Assuming the chunks are meaningful (and not simply smaller entities), bite-size modules are like laser-guided missiles; honing in on one learning outcome. Any superfluous information has already been removed, enabling you to get the answer you need and quickly return to what you were doing, without having to wade through lots of fluff. Perfect when you need to address a specific knowledge gap. Just imagine using five minutes in-between customers, or while you grab a cup of coffee, to pick up a new sales technique that you can put into practice the next time someone walks through the showroom door!

  1. Engagement

Let’s go back to the Google scenario. How many times have you started searching for something, only to find yourself looking at something completely different, moments later? With so many pages to choose from, popups, and outbound links, vying for your attention, it’s hardly surprising that you end up completely off track. By removing the distractions encountered through an Internet search, you’re much more likely to remain engaged and reach your end goal.

Audio modules can be particularly useful in avoiding online clutter, and perfect to listen to on the drive into work, getting you primed for the day ahead.

  1. Speed

Have you ever got impatient waiting for a web page to load? There’s a need for immediacy now that didn’t exist for our predecessors. This is particularly true for Millennials – aka Generation Y, or the Instant Gratification Generation – the multi-taskers who appear to lack focus and take impulsive actions. For them, bite-sized modules that can be accessed ‘just-in-time’ could be a welcome intervention.

  1. Outcome driven

As we mentioned previously, bite-sized modules focus on one learning outcome, so that you know when you start what you are going to take away from the training, and what you will be doing differently as a result. Effectiveness is increased through use of ‘real-world’ models – for example, video demonstrations of techniques being used in a familiar working environment, i.e. a car dealership as opposed to a supermarket, so that you are not left to ‘join the dots’ when you get back to the showroom floor.

  1. Time to digest

Information Processing Theory states that the short-term memory can only hold 5-9 chunks of meaningful information. By allowing space to digest new material, the learning can be integrated into the long-term memory and called upon as required.

The success of bite-size learning interventions can therefore be attributed to the supply of manageable chunks of information that can be digested, processed, and implemented (ideally sooner rather than later), before moving onto the next challenge.


  1. Other learning formats are available, and bite-size learning isn’t for everyone – some people benefit from being in a traditional classroom format where they can ask questions, interact with other students etc. Organisations may also prefer to train groups of staff simultaneously.


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