Every great close should start with a great opening

“Have you found what you’re looking for”?

If the customer say yes, you can then say, “Great, which one’s caught your attention?” And then, when they tell you, “What was it about the [model] that caught your attention?” They might say something like, “I like the 16-inch alloy wheels that it’s got.” “Oh, great, why’s that important to you?” “I just think it makes the car look so much better. The 15” wheels look a bit small on that size of car.” This is how you get customers selling the car to themselves – which makes your job a whole lot easier.

If on the other hand they say no, you can then come back with, “What are you looking for?” Hopefully then they will tell you which model they’re interested in. “Great, we’ve got a few over here. Tell me, what was it about the [model] that put it on your shopping list?”

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