Testimonials from our clients

I enjoyed doing the course. I have applied the knowledge I have learnt to the way I approach my job and overall it has been very useful.

Meghan Haggett – November 17 – Ford

Thanks very much. The videos were engaging and overall the content was relevant and enjoyable.

Oliver Barker – November 17 – Ford

Thanks again for all your assistance while I was doing the course.

Des O’Hara – November 17 – Volvo

Thank you, I am delighted I passed, also thank you for answering my questions. I found the daily sessions very helpful and enjoyed listening to them. The recap of Simon’s course really helped and in situations with customers, I found I had the right thing to say.

John Wong – October 17 – VW

Genuinely has been the most beneficial learning experience of my life. To be quite honest I thought I was a great salesman before this training, but upon completing the training with Simon, I was amazed at the little things I was or wasn’t doing that made such a huge difference. Since the training I have had massive success in my position due to making key changes to my process and my attitude… purely down to Simon’s amazing training. I am forever grateful for the training and thank you very much!

Owen Wade – October 17 – VW

Most of the content was helpful

Kevin Green – October 17 – Commercials

An excellent, comprehensive training course which gives solutions to real situations, using skills gained from experience specific to the role we have in a dealership environment. Thanks very much.

Ian Dack – October 17 – VW

Really enjoyed the videos they echoed the onsite training brilliantly which just meant I could reaffirm what I had learned.

Adam Tyrell – October 17 – Mazda

Thanks, course was good.

Liam Rochford – October 17 – SEAT

Thanks so much. I would like to thank Simon, Darren and all the team at Symco Training. They really stuck with me with follow up calls to see how I was getting on with the videos. Really found it helped me to sell cars from the get go. I had only started working in a Toyota Garage 3 month prior to when I sat the 2-day course & 90-day videos. I believe it’s the videos that will stand to me in the future as your learning something small every day. Thanks again to all at Symco Training. Graham

Graham Murphy – October 17 – Toyota

I really enjoyed the course and thought it very helpful albeit demanding at times especially during July (new registration month). Simon really has a talent at capturing your attention and holding it, leading me to say it’s probably the best training course I’ve had in my short career in the motor industry.

Cormac O’Neill – September 17 – Mazda

I enjoyed the Symco training scheme and found it very helpful. I can see me using allot of the techniques and methods throughout my career and referring back to it as and when I find myself in the sadim’s or just needing to get around an obstacle.

Simon was entertaining, relatable and clear in his teachings. I would like to thank him for the training and for sharing his knowledge.

Euan Grant – September 17 – Commercial

Really appreciate it, thanks again, couldn’t have done it without the help.

Orlando Lengyel – September 17 – Toyota

Thank you!

I found the two -ay course very good, I always take something away from sales training and use a lots of what was said on the course.

Robert Good – September 17 – SEAT

Thank you! I thought it was really good and will probably go back and watch a few of the videos again. A big thumb’s up from me!

Stefan Holdsworth – September 17 – Ford

I found the course very engaging, skippy is a brilliant presenter and he keeps the audience engaged.

I found the daily sessions really helpful and they reinforced what he had introduced us to in the classroom training.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone joining the industry.

Ryan Cartwright – September 17 – Audi

I enjoyed the course.

Matthew Mc Cambridge – September 17 – Ford

I did learn a lot from the course, a lot was packed into a short period of time so another day with a trainer would be great. Highly educational.

Craig Rees – August 17 – Mazda

Just a quick email to say thank you for all your training and knowledge, a great learning experience. Thanks again Niall.

Niall Sheehan – August 17 – Toyota

Just finished 4 days training. Stuart is a great trainer and made it really enjoyable. Had sales training before but nothing like you guys, thanks a million.

David Hickman – August 17 – Toyota

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