Testimonials from our clients

Thank you Symco for the excellent training provided in my first year at Honda. I have learnt so much from your videos and will defiantly use the skills you have taught me in my career as a salesman. Unfortunately, I don’t have any negative criticism to give as I didn’t see any faults in the programme, Full five stars from me! Thanks again Symco

Marcus Reid – February 18 – Honda

I’d always listen to a module on my way in to work. Always good to get me motivated for the day, and always trying new things I’d have learned. Good course, spread over a long term but there is loads to learn so it’s good that’s it’s not all at once. Thanks for everything.

Robbie Farrell – February 18 – Jaguar Land Rover

Content was good, very helpful and I do think back to it whilst with customers.

Harry Norton – February 18 – Ford

The videos were very good had some brilliant tips. They were very helpful thanks.

Adam Hall – February 18 – Ford

I have just participated in the sales fitness program and I would just like to say what a brilliant program.

Mario Michael – January 18 – Commercial

Took some great nuggets from the 90 days.

John Haselden – January 18 – Mini

Woohoo I passed. Thanks for your help Penny

Stephen Kerr – January 18 – Ford

The course was very good and there was definitely content that was useful.

Aaron Mc Crumlish – January 18 – Ford

I have learnt and used the techniques in my roll, overall a good course.

Jake Ashton – December 17 – Mini

Thank you for the course you delivered, I’ve had a lot of training sessions from previous jobs and this was the first time it felt like I was hearing somebody speak from experience. It will help me immensely so thank you.

Jake Burrell – December 17 – Land Rover

Thanks Darren, we really enjoyed the course.

Aonghus O’Dunnin – December 17 – Renault

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Stuart on his superb skills in training, which I had the pleasure of experiencing over the past two days! He was a joy to listen to and learn from!

Shane O’Kelly – December 17 – Independent

Thank you. The training course was good, lots of relevant info. Well broken down.

Calum Symington – November 17 – Ford

I definitely think there are a number of techniques that I would be implementing straight away if I were back on the floor.

The four-square deal presentation would be one that would have worked a charm for the dealership I was in especially for recording enquiries.

Also, I think my time management with customers would have changed because in hindsight I was always probably too keen to get down to the figures.

David Crofton – November 17 – Mitsubishi

I have picked up so many nuggets from the course that I use on a day to day basis, it has been a really good learning experience, for me personally, I have been involved with sales for the last 10 years, but only 2 years in automotive sales and this is easily the most well delivered course I have attended, so thank you very much. I believe it will continually allow me to line both mine and my dealerships pockets for many years to come, whilst giving the customer an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. Thank you again.

Darryl Pluck – November 17 – VW

The course is insightful and very good at helping you learn.

Connor Spencer – November 17 – Ford

I enjoyed doing the course. I have applied the knowledge I have learnt to the way I approach my job and overall it has been very useful.

Meghan Haggett – November 17 – Ford

Thanks very much. The videos were engaging and overall the content was relevant and enjoyable.

Oliver Barker – November 17 – Ford

Thanks again for all your assistance while I was doing the course.

Des O’Hara – November 17 – Volvo

Thank you, I am delighted I passed, also thank you for answering my questions. I found the daily sessions very helpful and enjoyed listening to them. The recap of Simon’s course really helped and in situations with customers, I found I had the right thing to say.

John Wong – October 17 – VW

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