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I do appreciate you following me up to give me the push to get it all videos finished as it was a busy period here, I found the course good. Great service from yourself Darren.

Gary McGuigan - March 16 - Land Rover

Simon, that course certainly set me on the way to selling cars and I look back at it regularly.

James Seals - Feb 16 - Audi

It was a really interesting and helpful online course and I found it very useful.  It was nice to have reminders of the Road to a Sale course in tiny snippets.  I am grateful to have been included on this course and will use a lot of it in my daily routines.

Thanks so much for all your help and guidance and the odd little push here and there to keep me going and have it completed.  Thanks again and look forward to chatting with you again soon.

Andrew Latewood - Feb 16 - Mini

Some really good and helpful stuff in there. I personally think most of it was brilliant and helped me a lot.

Anthony Heaphy - Feb 16 - Kia
Luke Bickerstaff Bridgend 12115

The 90day programme I found very useful in my new career in car sales, some great and useful tips I can use every day. I really enjoyed the stories Simon told. I would recommend the course to anyone, especially people who are new to sales as I am.

Luke Bickerstaff - Jan 16 - Ford
Gary Munro 070116

I feel as if I have taken lots from the course, using many helpful hints from the video’s to use in my daily role in Used Car Sales. Coming from a sales background in my previous roles I found the course helpful for me to concentrate on certain areas such as meet and greet and using the PX as a qualifying tool. The more time I spent in this area the easier I found it to do the deal. I also found it useful every day as I would take an idea from the course and trial it in my sales process, on quite a few occasions it seemed to work.

I would certainly recommend this course to anybody new to car sales and even as a refresher to old dogs!!

Gary Munro - Jan 16 - Ford Used Cars
Rosie Francis 111215

I enjoyed the online programme, I found it beneficial.

Rosie Francis - Jan 16 - Ford Commercial

Thank you for letting me have this opportunity to learn, it’s been a good experience for me.

Sammy Ironside - Dec 15 - Skoda

Having had 4 year’s experience I consider myself to have a good grounding and the right behaviours in place, but I must admit that it is great to have a refresher of things I’ve simply come out of the habit of doing. Simon speaks a LOT of sense. I’ve been on loads of manufacturer-based courses before and it can be a little frustrating being preached to about ‘the ideals’ by someone who hasn’t really been there or done it; but Simon teaches from experience which makes a huge difference – he knows what works and what doesn’t and that ‘the ideal’ doesn’t always happen, but explains ways around this. Apart from the wee quiz most of the training has been video lessons ranging between around 4 to 12 minutes which is great as ‘little and often’ works best for me. Just as importantly, all the lessons have been things which you can take into your day-today working – proper practical skills and behaviours that yield results.

Coming from a larger dealership (around 30 Salespeople) where the majority of my experience was gained (and with very minimal training!) it was very easy to lose sight of some of the basics and ‘shortcut’ the process. Since starting with this group I’ve taken things ‘back to basics’ which has yielded results – my performance now is a lot better than when I was with a previous employer after making some very simple changes. Simon’s Symco training has been a fantastic additional tool to this.

To give you an idea, when I was with one company there was no formal training and my experience was gained by shadowing a medium to low performing ‘mature’ Sales Executive. With a larger group I was put on a 3 day course – the majority of which focused on watching Mystery Shop videos and seeing the ‘wrong’ way of doing things which was helpful, but not as helpful as focusing on the ‘right’ way of doing things.

I’m always open to critique and learning new things; I think even after many year’s experience there’s always new things to be learned and new ways of doing things – I see it as a constant learning process.

Brodie Patterson - Dec 15 - Mini

Just a little feedback to Simon on his wonderful training. As I am over 20 years in the motor trade I would like say that without a doubt in my mind I enjoyed the training and some fun along the way

I have taking some great tips away with me and some great ideas for the road ahead – (The road to a sale).

I have to say I love Simon’s way of training as for me I like some of the old school, but with new ways to improve the sale as a sales person should never stop training or get rusty.

It is easy to see why my Group is way ahead of the competition, as the use only the best people for training and coaching their staff. Many thanks and looking forward to my certificate for the wall another box ticked in my list of TO DOS!

Kevin Craven - Dec 15 - VW

Thanks very much, I found the training to be helpful, some great tips from skippy, My only problem was trying to find the time to watch the videos in peace without being disturbed, but I got into a routine of watching them first thing in the mornings with a cup of coffee before starting work.

Alan Auerback - Dec 15 - Audi

The course was quite enjoyable. A credit to all you guys that run it. You make it fun while still learning how to do the job.

Chris Berry - Dec 15 - Peugeot
Barry Higginbotham Joe Duffy Audi Limerick 171215

I initially took the Sales Executive course as I had only a vague idea of the sales process as we are a new dealership, I was having some interaction with sales customers. I did not want to disrupt the process before handing the customer to the eventual Sales Executive.

I found the daily videos to be hugely beneficial as Simon delivers his message to you in a very positive and informal manner, I believe that his methodology and analogy’s makes it possible to absorb far more information than a formal/regimented training course would offer. I found the daily email was a great kick start to my day and they are very addictive because the information is so relevant, now that the course is complete I truly do miss the videos and find myself looking over them again to re-energise myself and provide focus. I now have a new found respect for our Sales Executives now that I have a greater understanding of their process. I wholeheartedly recommend this training to any member of a dealerships staff as in reality it is not just for selling Motor Cars it is about selling any product and more importantly selling yourself.

Barry Higginbottom - Dec 15 - Audi

I had already been thinking that the sales course would be beneficial to my staff. Again the same sentiments apply to this as they have with the sales course so again I was fully engaged. I was truly impressed with the technician videos, Alan was very clear and explained himself very well making it possible for any non-technical person to understand the necessity and importance of having their vehicle maintained correctly. I believe the technician videos should become a standard part of any dealership and manufacturers websites where any customer could gain access to this vital information.

Barry Higginbottom - Dec 15 - Audi

Just a quick note to say how helpful the training videos have been for me, as someone coming into car sales for the first time, after being in sales of all different types, it has simplified what I thought was going to be hard learning curve, into bites size chunks that are easy to digest, and help me to follow the system to a ‘T’. Thank you.

William Quinlan - Nov 15 - Toyota

Just want to say thank you for your advice the other day. I passed!
I was shocked when they told me I scored 97% on the role plays… your videos obviously helped!!!

Michael Evans - Nov 15 - Audi

Just want to say how much I enjoyed the training course and really appreciate it. You are truly an amazing trainer and I’m not just saying that so you give me a good report haha. You are ace. Thank you very much.

Katy West - Nov 15 - Audi

Thank you very much skippy. If you have anything more you feel may benefit me feel free to get it straight across to me. Also thank you very much for the training

Ben Chorlton - Nov 15 - Toyota
Lewis Stoodley Bridgend 121115 Post

Firstly I’d just like to thank you for everything this far as the training I have received from yourself on site has been really good. As for the Symco training videos, they were a great way to start the day as they put new ideas fresh in my mind each day and even though I was not selling it was motivational and helped me prepare myself for the day ahead…

Lewis Stoodley - Nov 15 - Ford CommercialsBridgend
Brett Cella Joe Duffy Fleet 031215 3

I found it very interesting and information rich. Although I am not B2C sales I still can adapt and twist the techniques, attitudes and skills not only into B2B sales but in everyday life in general, life is one big sales floor! If you wish to discuss further don’t hesitate on calling me.

Bret Cella - Oct 15 - Group Fleet

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