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Thank you. The training course was good, lots of relevant info. Well broken down.

Calum Symington – November 17 – Ford

I definitely think there are a number of techniques that I would be implementing straight away if I were back on the floor.

The four-square deal presentation would be one that would have worked a charm for the dealership I was in especially for recording enquiries.

Also, I think my time management with customers would have changed because in hindsight I was always probably too keen to get down to the figures.

David Crofton – November 17 – Mitsubishi

I have picked up so many nuggets from the course that I use on a day to day basis, it has been a really good learning experience, for me personally, I have been involved with sales for the last 10 years, but only 2 years in automotive sales and this is easily the most well delivered course I have attended, so thank you very much. I believe it will continually allow me to line both mine and my dealerships pockets for many years to come, whilst giving the customer an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. Thank you again.

Darryl Pluck – November 17 – VW

The course is insightful and very good at helping you learn.

Connor Spencer – November 17 – Ford

I enjoyed doing the course. I have applied the knowledge I have learnt to the way I approach my job and overall it has been very useful.

Meghan Haggett – November 17 – Ford

Thanks very much. The videos were engaging and overall the content was relevant and enjoyable.

Oliver Barker – November 17 – Ford

Thanks again for all your assistance while I was doing the course.

Des O’Hara – November 17 – Volvo

Thank you, I am delighted I passed, also thank you for answering my questions. I found the daily sessions very helpful and enjoyed listening to them. The recap of Simon’s course really helped and in situations with customers, I found I had the right thing to say.

John Wong – October 17 – VW

Genuinely has been the most beneficial learning experience of my life. To be quite honest I thought I was a great salesman before this training, but upon completing the training with Simon, I was amazed at the little things I was or wasn’t doing that made such a huge difference. Since the training I have had massive success in my position due to making key changes to my process and my attitude… purely down to Simon’s amazing training. I am forever grateful for the training and thank you very much!

Owen Wade – October 17 – VW

Most of the content was helpful

Kevin Green – October 17 – Commercials

An excellent, comprehensive training course which gives solutions to real situations, using skills gained from experience specific to the role we have in a dealership environment. Thanks very much.

Ian Dack – October 17 – VW

Really enjoyed the videos they echoed the onsite training brilliantly which just meant I could reaffirm what I had learned.

Adam Tyrell – October 17 – Mazda

Thanks, course was good.

Liam Rochford – October 17 – SEAT

Thanks so much. I would like to thank Simon, Darren and all the team at Symco Training. They really stuck with me with follow up calls to see how I was getting on with the videos. Really found it helped me to sell cars from the get go. I had only started working in a Toyota Garage 3 month prior to when I sat the 2-day course & 90-day videos. I believe it’s the videos that will stand to me in the future as your learning something small every day. Thanks again to all at Symco Training. Graham

Graham Murphy – October 17 – Toyota

I really enjoyed the course and thought it very helpful albeit demanding at times especially during July (new registration month). Simon really has a talent at capturing your attention and holding it, leading me to say it’s probably the best training course I’ve had in my short career in the motor industry.

Cormac O’Neill – September 17 – Mazda
Euan Grant 190917

I enjoyed the Symco training scheme and found it very helpful. I can see me using allot of the techniques and methods throughout my career and referring back to it as and when I find myself in the sadim’s or just needing to get around an obstacle.

Simon was entertaining, relatable and clear in his teachings. I would like to thank him for the training and for sharing his knowledge.

Euan Grant – September 17 – Commercial

Really appreciate it, thanks again, couldn’t have done it without the help.

Orlando Lengyel – September 17 – Toyota

Thank you!

I found the two -ay course very good, I always take something away from sales training and use a lots of what was said on the course.

Robert Good – September 17 – SEAT

Thank you! I thought it was really good and will probably go back and watch a few of the videos again. A big thumb’s up from me!

Stefan Holdsworth – September 17 – Ford
Ryan Cartwright 120917

I found the course very engaging, skippy is a brilliant presenter and he keeps the audience engaged.

I found the daily sessions really helpful and they reinforced what he had introduced us to in the classroom training.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone joining the industry.

Ryan Cartwright – September 17 – Audi

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