Testimonials from our clients


I enjoyed the two days with Simon, and further enjoyed the daily videos, I found them helpful especially as someone new to the trade. I’ll look back over the videos again from time to time. Regards to you and of course Simon.

Andy Sullivan – Apr 17 – Honda Motorcycles

I just wanted to say thanks for all your help since I started back in November. The videos each day are really useful, I have used a lot of your methods when selling cars and they genuinely work! Thankyou!

Ben Ravenscroft – Apr 17 – Audi

I have enjoyed the course very much. From the ‘Training Day’ which was informative, insightful and entertaining, to the daily modules which were ‘bite sized’ and address the usual issue of retaining the information once you have attended the ‘Training Day’, I think the whole program was enjoyable, relevant and innovative.

Peter Richardson – Mar 17 – Service Manager Land Rover

I am delighted to hear I passed! Thank you to you and Simon, being totally new to car sales it certainly gave me a good start! Great and engaging Course up at Carlisle racecourse.

Jonathan Sheppard – Mar 17 – Land Rover

I thoroughly enjoyed the course at Carlisle racecourse last year. I now use lots of the techniques daily. Keep up the good work!!

Steve Frankland – Mar 17 – Land Rover

Thanks for sending that on, I appreciate you taking the time. Also I wanted to thank you for the course the other day, I found it to be very informative & definitely picked up a number of key points to implement into my daily routine when dealing with service customers.

Ruth Stapleton – Mar 17 - Ford

Thank you for my feedback, great to hear. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course modules and have been putting them into practice has been delivering useful results. They were easily accessible to me at all times and clear instructions.

Joe Cherry – Feb 17 - Independent

Darren I just wanted to say thank you for all your help, I found the training fantastic and will take a lot away with me because of it. Please give Simon my regards.

Barry Higginbotham - Feb 17 -Audi

I found the training programme really useful.  Bite size information works really well and over the 90 days, makes the information easily digestible.

David Cooper – Dec 16 - Mazda

The course was thoroughly enjoyable.

Barry Waters - Dec 16 - Seat

Thanks for your comments Darren, the service team really enjoyed their time with you and are cracking on with some excellent advice and improvements.

Nick Allen – Nov 16 - Independent

Many thanks for my certificate – I did not expect something in the post! :)

I found it helpful that the course was broken down into small, short videos, as this meant I could usually manage to fit them into my daily schedule. Also, the quizzes/tasks at regular intervals were good to reflect on what I had learned as the material still tended to be fresh in my mind.

Dianna Norris – Nov 16 - Audi

Thank you for your time this week. I took a lot from it and I’m sure I will benefit from the many subjects covered. I found it very engaging and very well delivered.

Sean Bell - Oct 16 – BMW

Just wanted to say huge thank you for the last two days, absolutely brilliant really did help me. Can’t wait to put the info into practice.

Ian Sandbrook - Oct 16 – BMW

Symco has been a great training course for us over the last few years. Also the passion that Simon shows during the face to face sessions helps you to believe in what the training content is trying to do. The online course help you to keep the content fresh in your mind.

Tom Larkin - Oct 16 - Peugeot
Symco Training photo

The journey I’ve had with Symco Training over the past 90 days has been an overwhelming, positive experience. Everything I’ve learned, from how to properly and effectively meet and greet customers to the psychology of the sale, has been beneficial to my sales knowledge and I hope to keep that with me for the rest of my career.

Everything taught by Simon has put me in good stead to have a long and successful career in Sales. The training provided for me could not only be used in sales but in other areas of life.

I think one of the most beneficial and fun modules was learning about objection handling, as this seems to creep up in almost every sale.

I love practicing what I’ve learned on customers whenever I get the chance. Using alternatives to “Hi, how can I help you” has been extremely useful – I have noticed a lot more interaction from customers.

All the tasks that came along with the 10-day quizzes were enjoyable to carry out and definitely beneficial by giving me real life experience with customers, other businesses and myself.

Thanks for all the help and training provided, I would thoroughly recommend it to any up and coming salesman in any industry.

Nial Smith - Oct 16 - BMW

Thanks a million for everything Darren you put in the work by extending it for me and making it possible for me to complete.

I found the course very good. The fact that Simon has background in cars and talked down to earth without all the normal training talk and clichés made it easier to follow and relate to. I particularly liked the psychology behind sales I find that very interesting and I got plenty of tips and tricks that I use now in my day to day so overall I am delighted to have done it.

Conor Ward - April 16 - BMW

I’ve picked up a huge amount of useful information throughout. I found taking notes throughout allowed me to review the information and put more of an emphasis on putting the ideas presented to work.

I do think the concept and the system in place are both excellent.

Jay Donegan - April 16 - BMW

Good course and did recap well on the process which works!

Fergus McGrath - March 16 - VW

Thanks A Million. The course was great, I really enjoyed it.

I have asked my manager to enrol me in another training module to refresh and restart the 90 days, it’s great for motivation.

Sean Clinton - March 16 - Volvo

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