2nd Face

Effective Customer Communication

2ndFace allows you to breakdown the communication barriers between your advisors and the customer, by giving the customer a clear video presentation of the work that is needed on their vehicle.

Our suite of videos will allow the advisor to identify and explain the work that needs to be undertaken on the customer’s car, whether it needs immediate attention or if the client could schedule to have the issue dealt with at a later date.

Some of the identified areas which the 2ndFace solution helps to sell, but is not limited to, are:

  • Air Conditioning Service

  • Brake Fluid Change

  • Red Identified Tyres

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Red Identified Brakes and Discs

  • Coolant Change

  • Timing Belt Change

  • Winter Tyres

The unique email platform will then deliver the video to the customer in a format that is optimised for PC or mobile devices. Once the video has been viewed, the customer will be able to use the automated response to give instant authority to proceed with the identified work at the quoted price.

Through this method, the sale of simple pre-sell items such as changes in brake fluid will be maximized and your advisors will save time as the work can be completed in the same day. Images can also be included on the unique emailing system to maximise trust. 

For more information or for a demonstration of the 2ndFace solution, please click the link below to visit our 2ndFace dedicated website.