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Symco Training Limited is a hands-on training organisation for the motor industry, ready to demonstrate the perfect sales strategy. 

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It was very immersive and responsive to the real-world motor sales industry.
Paul Clarke – June 2018 – Audi
The First 90 days training course was excellent, having a video a day for 90 days really motivated me to change things up. Every single video helped in its own way and has taught me a lot about the car sales industry. I am new to this job and the SYMCO training videos made the transition to car sales very easy.
Caleb Stokes – June 2018 – Used Car Super Market
I have really enjoyed the journey with Symco. The training session was of a very high standard and the following daily videos were a great reminder of what we learnt on the day. Great way to form good habits!
Jake Burrell – June 2018 – Land Rover
Great course – good content. I have never done a course so detailed before so thought it was excellent.
Finbarr Noonan – June 2018 – Hyundai
I thought the course was informative, intuitive and refreshing in parts.
Andy Ludford – May 2018 - VW
This course is excellent and along with Simon’s road to sale and first contact training days have given me the confidence and tools required as a trainee sales executive. I believe in the six months I have now been a trainee and participating in the road to sale training process I have come on leaps and bounds, i credit much of this to this training program. I use Simon’s ice breakers, one liners and techniques on a daily basis.
Tomas McGrane – May 2018 - Ford
I thoroughly enjoyed the training course; the format is perfect for service advisors as the concise nature of the lessons lends itself well to fitting into our very busy day. I feel I took away a lot of useful techniques from the course that compliment my existing methods and have really strengthened certain areas for me as well as highlighting a number of pitfalls I previously wouldn’t have thought of.
Nick Murphy – May 2018 – Renault Pro
Thanks for your email and all your help during the 90 days. super course and picked up lots of help along the way.
Mark Higgins – May 2018 - Nissan
The 90 day Symco course was by far the best training course I have taken part in, as well as the training having a light-hearted side to it, it was very instructive and gave me great tools to help me in my every day career.
Shane Farrell – May 2018 - VW
I found the course very rewarding and knowledgeable. I have done many courses before and none have went in depth with objection handling which I always find the most difficult to overcome with customers. I would highly recommend this course to any service advisor and would advise any manager to let new recruits complete this course firstly as it is a great starting base.
Andrea Roche – April 2018 – Renault
I’m delighted to have completed the course and overall, I found it to be very useful. The fact that I was taking in information and then dealing with customers the next day meant that I was able to put what I was learning into practice more or less straight away. There are a number of areas that I certainly feel I have improved as a direct result of watching the daily: Having the right attitude, Selling the Appointment, Qualification, responding to different personality types, Deal Presentation, Selling Paint Protection, RTI & Smart insurance, Increasing the length of demonstration and Closing. Overall, I found it to be an innovative learning experience.
Rory M – February 18 – BMW
I really enjoyed the course, both the online training as well as the face to face training really helped me gain further skills which in return has helped me sell more cars and help me reach my targets.
Asif Malik – February 18 – Honda
Just some feedback regarding my training. Not much to say as it was excellent. Simon is an amazing trainer. I learnt a lot from the training. Thank you!
Rebecca Alger – February 18 – VW
I think the course was really good. I have picked up some great stuff which has increased my sales and profit margin.
Andrew Brady – February 18 – Toyota
Thank you Symco for the excellent training provided in my first year at Honda. I have learnt so much from your videos and will defiantly use the skills you have taught me in my career as a salesman. Unfortunately, I don’t have any negative criticism to give as I didn’t see any faults in the programme, Full five stars from me! Thanks again Symco
Marcus Reid – February 18 – Honda
I’d always listen to a module on my way in to work. Always good to get me motivated for the day, and always trying new things I’d have learned. Good course, spread over a long term but there is loads to learn so it’s good that’s it’s not all at once. Thanks for everything.
Robbie Farrell – February 18 – Jaguar Land Rover
Content was good, very helpful and I do think back to it whilst with customers.
Harry Norton – February 18 – Ford
The videos were very good had some brilliant tips. They were very helpful thanks.
Adam Hall – February 18 – Ford
I have just participated in the sales fitness program and I would just like to say what a brilliant program.
Mario Michael – January 18 – Commercial
Took some great nuggets from the 90 days.
John Haselden – January 18 – Mini


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